Washington Wizards’ Bradley Beal Suffers Hamstring Injury

Washington Wizards’ Bradley Beal Suffers Hamstring Injury 527 353 Best Practice Health TV

Bradley Beal Injury Update

Monday May 10, 2021 – The Washington Wizards today confirmed on twitter that Bradley Beal has suffered a left hamstring strain which has been confirmed by a magnetic resonance imaging scan. The injury is expected to keep Beal out for at least two games.

A strain is an injury resulting from excessive force. Hamstring strains are caused by dynamic movements such as sprinting, accelerating, and jumping. Not surprisingly, hamstring strains are common among basketball players.

According to magnetic resonance imaging, Beal’s injury is not serious. However, it does warrant the appropriate attention — considering the highest risk factor of a hamstring injury is a previous injury.

An important consideration is where along the hamstring the injury occurred. A hamstring strain located closer to the buttock may take longer to heal than a strain along the middle of the thigh. For most amateur athletes MRI imaging of hamstring injuries is not needed; however, one advantage of having an MRI in the professional athlete is knowing exactly where the muscle is injured.

As reports noted, Beal’s injury will be assessed daily and re-evaluated Friday to ensure he does not suffer a re-injury.

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to suffer a hamstring strain. Weekend warriors may notice hamstring pain that begins suddenly during sport or comes on gradually afterward. The initial treatment is to stop play, ice the muscle, and if you do not have stomach problems take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (alleve or ibuprofen). If pain persists without improvement for several days despite these measures, then evaluation by your primary care doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor are appropriate.