Knee Arthroscopy


It can be frustrating and debilitating dealing with chronic knee pain. Inflammation, a torn meniscus, damaged cartilage or kneecap issues can all be causes of chronic knee pain. When knee pain does not respond to non-surgical treatments, such as rest, physical therapy, medications or injections, you may benefit from a knee arthroscopy.

Knee arthroscopy uses a camera and very thin tools to explore inside and around the knee to diagnose and treat painful knee problems. Our knee arthroscopy techniques are designed to get you back on your feet without pain as soon as possible. We use small incisions and advanced surgical techniques that correct the problem while minimizing  damage to the surrounding tissues. This reduces postoperative pain and swelling and also helps our patients recover more quickly from surgery.

Our experienced and skilled surgeons have performed countles knee arthroscopy procedures, and our concierge approach lets our patients know they are receiving the very best personalized care possible. Join the thousands of patients across the globe who have sought care from our leading surgical team. Give us a call today.