Phoenix_Spine_Prototype-Hip (DEMO PAGE)

Let’s find a 5* surgeon for you:

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  • Does the anterior, direct superior or SuperPATH approach
  • Specialized with fellowship training
  • Works with robotics
  • In an outpatient facility (or a hospital with lower-than-average complication rate)
  • Only puts in registry-proven, top tier implants

First, let’s talk about you...

What does your X-ray say is the problem?

Select the treatments you’ve already attempted.

Total hip replacement is a very safe procedure; however, all surgical procedures have risks. Orthopedic surgeons generally recommend you at least try physical therapy, and usually medical pain management and injection, before taking the risk of having total hip replacement surgery.

Select any metals to which you have an allergy.

Implants for total hip replacement contain these metals. If you have an allergy, skin testing for confirmation is indicated. You may still be able to have an implant if a metal to which you are not allergic can be identified.

Tell us more about yourself