Our mission at Phoenix Spine & Joint, first and foremost, is to provide relief from neck and low back pain in the least invasive manner possible—and we do it in a patient-centric environment unlike any other in the field. Expedient pain relief for our patients is our priority—but we’re also on a bigger mission: to revolutionize the way in which health care has been addressing chronic neck and back pain. We think it’s time for a paradigm shift. We don’t just think it, actually. We know it. Why? Because the healthcare community has been viewing back pain in the wrong way for too long—and the patients are paying the price. We took a good, long look at how other medical facilities and surgery center were set up, and realized they were organized largely around the needs of the physicians—everything from the first contact, initial appointments, even the architecture and physical layout of the center. In other words, the patients’ needs did not necessarily come first…and in some cases maybe came dead last. This didn’t make sense to us. So we changed everything. Literally.


Imagine the perfect patient experience. That’s what we did—and engineered our entire center and processes around that vision, so that from your first call to your final visit, it’s streamlined, convenient, and personalized. No more waiting. Some spine surgeons will happily add you to their list—and have you wait for months, up to half a year, to be seen. Not at Phoenix Spine & Joint. We are completely transparent about our procedures and will show you everything we do, as we do it. Your safety is first. Unlike traditional invasive spine surgery, we offer our patients “Ultra Minimally Invasive” procedures such as DVR, that works, permanently, to address low back pain.

In traditional hospitals, patients have to wait weeks or months to get the treatment they need. Here at Phoenix Spine & Joint, Dr. Dan Lieberman knew that he could provide premium care with minimal wait.

I’m a doctor if I had pain like that, it wouldn’t take me 6-12 weeks to get it treated. Why should my patients be any different?
Dr. Daniel Lieberman


Phoenix Spine & Joint brings together evaluation, testing, and surgery in one location. After contacting us, our patients can complete their treatment course in one or two visits since our surgery centers and our process is designed to streamline your experience. To learn more, take our virtual tour below.