The Top Knee Replacement Surgeons in Columbus Ohio

There are dozens of doctors who perform knee replacement in Columbus. That means finding the best surgeon for you can feel overwhelming.

We’ve got you. At Best Practice Health, we screen knee replacement surgeons for five criteria. If an orthopedic surgeon meets them all, we certify them for total knee replacement. Fortunately, there are six orthopedic surgeons who are Best Practice Certified for knee replacement in Columbus.

In this article, we will review the qualities we look for in a joint replacement surgeon. At the end, we will show you a list so you can choose the best surgeon for you.

Training and Experience are Key

The first thing to consider when looking for a Knee Replacement Surgeon is a doctor’s experience level.

Patient satisfaction with joint replacement surgery is more consistent among surgeons who replace more than 100 joints per year. You want a surgeon who is well past the learning curve. For us, the ideal surgeon has done over 1,000 knee replacement surgeries in the past and is currently doing at least 100 joint replacements per year.

Studies back us up. The data show that more experienced surgeons are safer. Knee replacement surgery comes with the risk of infection, long term stiffness, nerve damage, or implant failure. The risk of these complications is less than half in surgeons who do more than 100 joints per year. Because of the possible complications, you want a surgeon who really knows what they’re doing.

You also want a knee surgeon who has the right training. The surgeons we identified as the best in Columbus have all completed a fellowship in joint replacement surgery. That’s an additional year of training after medical school and orthopedic residency focused entirely on joint replacement. Evidence shows that fellowship training eliminates the learning curve. Remember, you only get one chance to have it done right the first time.

We verify each orthopedic surgeon’s education by checking that they are board-certified, fellowship trained, and actively specialize in joint reconstruction.

Find the Right Facility

Knee replacement surgery needs a team, and a place. Facilities and the people who staff them are important to consider when choosing where to have your surgery.

Source: Find Healthcare Providers: Compare Care Near You | Medicare.

There are three main hospitals for joint replacement in Columbus. According to, none achieved four stars from patients. In addition, none are better than average in reported complications for hip and knee replacement.

Fortunately, hospitals are no longer the only option for joint replacement surgery. The best place to have a knee replacement these days is at an ambulatory surgery center. Ambulatory surgery centers generally carry a lower risk of infection or hospital error, and you can go home the same day.

Robotic Surgery

We talked about the surgeon and the facility; now let’s get to the surgery itself. Modern best practice for a total knee replacement surgery calls for robotic assistance.

Robotic assistance ensures you get implants perfectly sized to give you the best possible range of motion. In order to make sure your surgery and recovery are the best they can be, Best Practice Health recommends finding a surgeon who uses a robotic assistant. Don’t have surgery without one.

Proven Implants

Before we give you the list of your top choices in Columbus, there are two more thing to consider. Let’s talk about the implants first.

You want your new knee to have a long life, so finding a reliable brand is key. Thankfully, both the U.S. and Australia have joint replacement registries that use data collected from tens of thousands of joint replacement procedures to determine the long-term durability of implants. Best Practice Health reviews these registries for the implant.

Minimally Invasive Approach

Knee replacement is a major surgery and it’s expected to hurt somewhat. But the best way to ensure a short, smooth recovery and lasting relief is with a muscle sparing approach. New techniques to spare the quadriceps muscle shorten recovery and can dramatically reduce your expected pain after surgery. We look for orthopedic surgeons who use this technique, or at least those who operate routinely in an ambulatory surgery center as that ensures rapid recovery.

Now you know what we look for in our surgeons. Here’s our list of Best Practice certified orthopedic surgeons for knee replacement in Columbus.

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Knee replacement surgery is a major decision, and you should exhaust all other methods to manage your knee arthritis first. If knee pain is getting in the way of your daily activities and nothing is helping, it might be time for knee replacement. If you’re not sure, there is a reliable way to find out if knee replacement surgery is right for you.

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons developed a short survey that allows you to compare your knee pain to people who ultimately needed a new one. If your results match up, it’s probably time for a new knee.

At Best Practice Health our mission is to help you get all the information you need to pick the right doctor. For more help call our highly trained staff at 602 256 2525. We will listen to your story and administer a free checklist to determine if knee replacement is right for you. In addition, our team will be happy to help you get scheduled with a Best Practice Certified physician.