8 Ways To Be Rid Of Knee Pain In the New Year

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There may be fifty ways to leave your lover, but fortunately there are only eight things to consider if you have knee pain. With these 8 interventions knee pain can almost always improved and often cured, but you must know where to start. In this article I will walk you through the main options.

Most of the time treatment of knee pain starts at home with Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. A neoprene sleeve or elastic knee brace is a terrific way to get compression. They are available in most drug stores or can be ordered on Amazon. They also limit range of motion, which is helpful at first but clearly not a long-term solution. If there is one activity that tends to hurt your knee, like taking a long walk or gardening, then try a brace during the activity and see if it solves the problem.

“With these 8 interventions knee pain
can almost always be improved and often

If you have knee pain after three weeks of home care then it is time for an x-ray. Serious underlying problems like infection, tumors and broken bones are rare causes of knee pain; but they do need to be excluded. And everyone of a certain age has some degree of arthritis. The amount of arthritis determines which of the next five are right for you.

Physical therapy really helps if there is something in your gait or station that is making your knee work harder than it should. It is always wise to get a pair of outside eyes on what is happening; a great therapist is a wonderful ally in the fight again knee pain. But structural problems like a torn ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) or meniscus, not to mention arthritis, that may be too severe to get better with therapy alone. Two visits a week for three weeks is usually enough time to give therapy a chance. If the pain persists after that, you qualify for magnetic resonance imaging.

Moderate arthritis warrants a hyaluronic acid injection. I had a steroid shot in my knee once, and it really helped; however, I would not do it again. A new study shows steroid injections into the knee make the underlying arthritis worse over time. If it feels too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Hyaluronic acid injection, on the other hand, replaces the lubrication age has dried out of your knee and reduce pain. The OG hyaluronic acid is Synvisc; now there are several available. Insurance companies get a volume discount; so, most people just get the one their insurance has on formulary.

If MRI shows a torn meniscus or ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), then you may need arthroscopic surgery. We all want the best, so arthroscopic knee surgery should be done by an orthopedic surgeon who is certified in Sports Medicine.

When Kris Jenner needed a new knee, she had the procedure done in an ambulatory surgery center. You want a surgeon who does the muscle sparing approach and always uses robotic assistance and registry proven implants.

Number eight is genicular radiofrequency ablation. The genicular nerve is the pain fiber to the knee. Ablating the genicular nerve can reduce knee pain. Genicular nerve ablation is hit or miss, and the relief is temporary; so, it is often reserved for those who are too sick for traditional treatment, or to reduce the rare person with pain after total knee replacement.

Living with knee pain is restrictive—and it seems complicated. Again, with today’s treatments, almost all knee pain can be improved, and many cases cured. Make this your last Christmas with knee pain. Do yourself a favor. Jump.

Dr. Dan Lieberman, M.D.