Patients who have been diagnosed with a condition in the cervical (upper) spinal region may be recommended to undergo a minimally invasive anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF). To help you better understand what this procedure involves and the advantages of our minimally invasive approach, we’re sharing this quick and informative guide.

ACDF overview

While it is a long and intimidating name, an ACDF is simpler to understand if you break down the individual terms:

  • Anterior — This term refers to the front as opposed to posterior, or rear. In an anterior procedure, the surgeon will enter the neck from the front.
  • Cervical — The cervical spinal region is in the neck and is made of the first seven vertebrae in the spine.
  • Discectomy — A discectomy is a procedure that involves removing all or part of a damaged spinal disc that is causing instability and nerve compression.
  • Fusion — A spinal fusion involves introduction of stabilizing material into the now-empty disc space in the spinal column.

This is a complicated, multistep procedure, which is why for years, ACDF required a hospital setting and a highly invasive approach.

Ultra-minimally invasive ACDF at Phoenix Spine and Joint

Traditional spine surgery in a hospital is not your only option. There is a better way to perform an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion that offers you a faster recovery and lower risk of complications. The ultra-minimally invasive spine surgery at Phoenix Spine and Joint is muscle-sparing and uses such a small incision that it can be performed in an outpatient setting.

Thanks to advanced direct visualization technology, the continuing development of surgical technology and other innovative techniques, our ultra-minimally invasive ACDF surgery offers the following benefits to patients:

  • 99% patient satisfaction score
  • Almost 0% infection rate
  • Faster recovery time
  • Muscle-sparing techniques
  • Return home the same day as surgery

Our experienced surgeons give you the fastest recovery, lowest risk of complications, and highest chance of a great outcome available.

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