Herniated Disc With Sciatica | Microdiscectomy Surgery

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From our YouTube channel visitor:

“Thank you so much for your content! I thoroughly enjoyed everything about it. I just had the surgery a week ago and I’m very nervous about this numbness and burning sensation. I am a very healthy 57yr old male in very good shape and never had an injury or a surgery at all. How long can I expect to have this, all things considered?”

You are so welcome. Thanks for the comment! As I understand it you had microdiscectomy for a herniated disc with sciatica a week ago and are still having numbness or tingling.

The duration of numbness and tingling after microdiscectomy surgery can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the extent of nerve damage prior to surgery, the severity of the herniation, what happened during surgery, the duration of symptoms before surgery, and the individual healing process.

In general, numbness and tingling are common and almost always resolves within six weeks after microdiscectomy surgery. However, some patients may experience numbness and tingling for a longer period, up to a year or more after surgery.

It’s important to note that while numbness and tingling can be a normal part of the healing process, you need to report any unusual or persistent symptoms to your spine surgeon. In some cases, numbness and tingling can be a sign of nerve damage or compression that may require further evaluation and treatment.

Your orthopedic spine surgeon or neurosurgeon can provide you with more information about whether what you are experiencing is normal, and what symptoms would require further evaluation. They can also recommend appropriate pain management strategies and physical therapy to help manage symptoms and promote healing.

If the severity of the symptoms is keeping you from going back to work or recovering properly, OR you are not way better in 3-6 weeks, I’d request a follow up MRI.