Herniated Disc With Sciatica | Microdiscectomy

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From our YouTube channel visitor:

“Does the size of a (herniated) disc extrusion correlate with the need for (microdiscectomy) surgery?”


For the first 12 weeks after you first feel sciatica due to a herniated disc the appropriate treatment depends on whether you have a functional deficit, and the severity of pain.

Microdiscectomy is your best option if you have either functionally limiting numbness or weakness (a deficit), or unbearable pain. Larger disc herniations are more likely to become unbearable pain and a deficit. Therefore, larger disc herniations correlate with the need for microdiscectomy.

But everyone is different. Therefore, the decision to undergo microdiscectomy surgery is typically made on a case-by-case basis after a thorough evaluation by a doctor. If you think epidural injection is likely to be your best option, then see a board-certified pain management specialist first.

If you have unbearable pain or a functional deficit, then see a minimally invasive board certified spine surgeon as soon as possible.